why choose pure

Our staff is warm, friendly, and very approachable
to help with any and all questions, concerns, and needs
to ensure a memorable experience.

Highly recognized
experienced judges in
all genres of dance

Amazing workshops &
master classes followed
by Q&A taught by highly
sought after master

Scholarships and
prizes will be awarded

Spacious venue with
ample parking

Highly energized,
exciting award ceremonies
with giveaways

Many awards including
special judges awards

Beautiful stage
with stadium seating

No overbooking to
ensure reasonable hours

Beautiful high-quality

Locker room &
dressing room for boys

Huge 10,000 sq ft
dressing room for girls

Additional 10,000 sq ft
rehearsal room with stage

Huge shopping center
within a half-mile from venue

Venue conveniently
located right off
Garden State Parkway

Group rate room block at
Courtyard by Marriott
2 miles from venue

our vendors

We have partnered with some of the top local food vendors to
ensure the proper nutrition for our dancers. In addition, there is a
huge cafeteria with plenty of tables and seating.

Offering fresh delicious
coffee, bagels, and muffins

The healthy delicious
new trend

Offering refreshing
and healthy smoothies

Offering delicious crepes
made to your liking

Offering fresh, healthy salads
and delicious paninis