2018 regionals rules & regulations

Welcome to Pure Dance!
Please read carefully!

At Pure, we promise to provide a positive experience for all family and dancers that attend our venues.
To reach our goal, please be supportive and courteous to all. At the end of the day, Pure brings us together for the Pure love of dance!

  • Entries will be received in order of application and will be restricted to the amount of time available.
  • A registered dance studio must submit all entries, whereas there will be no independent entries accepted.
  • Entries and payments must be received three weeks prior to the venue. Pure Dance will not receive any payments at the competition.
  • There will be a $5 charge for any changes after the venue is published online.
  • Please be exact when registering your participants, entries, music titles, and studio names. It will be entered into the Pure Dance Competition Program that way.
  • All dancers should be ready one hour prior to their scheduled time.
  • Sportsmanlike behavior is expected at all times.
  • Dancers grant permission for Pure Dance Competition to utilize their photographs and videos for any advertising to promote its competitions without compensation.
  • Ties will be broken by judges only.
  • Dancers will not perform out of order. The only exception is for costume changes.
  • No photography or videos during competition. Pure Dance will provide photographs and videos for purchase.
  • All entries are Non-refundable.


Types of Entries

    • Solo (Limit to two solo performances)
    • Duet/Trio (Will compete against each other)
    • Small group (4 to 9 dancers)
    • Large Group ( 10-19 dancers)
    • Lines (20-29)
    • Production (30 & over)


Competition Levels


  • Intermediate

–  Dancers taking five or less hours of dance per week with limited competition experience

–  If a dancer competes in Intermediate as a soloist, they must stay in the Intermediate Level for all solos, duets, and trios.

–  The same dancer may move up to the Competitive Level for Groups/Lines and Productions.

–  If a dancer in a Duet/Trio or group takes over five hours of dance per week, it must be in the Competitive Level.


  • Competitive

–  The highest level of competitive dance.

–  Dancers taking over five hours of dance per week.

–  Only Competitive Level can compete for Cash prizes, the Highest Overalls, and our Crystal Award.

–  Judges may elevate the placement of the dance in which they feel was under-placed.


Age Divisions


  • Mini:  7 & under
  • Petite:  8-9
  • Junior:  10-12
  • Pre-teen:  13-14
  • Teen:  15-16
  • Senior:  17-18
  • Adult:  19 & up


–  Ages for all Duet/Trios and Groups are as of January 1st.

–  Ages for Solos are as of the first day of the Competition date.

–  Ages for Duet/Trios and Groups as of January 1st must be averaged together. If there is a decimal, round up.

–  Birth dates and names must be entered correctly on entry forms.



–  Routine must consist of ballet technique and must include classical steps.

–  No acrobatic tricks

–  No pointe shoes in this category.


–  Routine must consist of pointe technique.

–  No acrobatic tricks.


Lyrical Jazz
–  Three acrobatic tricks are allowed.

–  Routine should illustrate movement using the lyrics and mood of the music.


Musical Theater

–  Routine demonstrating styles from Broadway and movie musicals.

–  Acrobatics are permitted.



–  Routine must contain primarily jazz technique.



–  Routine must consist of tap work and technique.

–  Three acrobatic tricks permitted.


Song & Dance

–  Must be both singing and dancing in this category.


Acrobatic Dance

–  Routine must use acrobatic moves such as handstands, limbers, walkovers, etc.

–  Must contain dance moves, steps, and choreography.



–  Routine can consist of and combined with any listed categories.

–  Acrobatic tricks are allowed.



–  Routine should demonstrate contemporary style to show balance, extension, and can mix lyrical and modern techniques.

–  Acrobatic tricks are permitted.



  • Crystal:  290-300
  • Platinum:  280-289
  • High Gold:  270-279
  • Gold:  260-269
  • Silver:  250-259

–  Only Competitive Levels can win cash prizes.

–  The Level in which the dancer competes can be placed in that Levels Overalls.

–  Any cash prizes awarded will be mailed to Studio Owner after the Competition.

* There will be an improve challenge before award ceremonies in which dancers can win prizes.


Special Awards

  • Special awards will be given out at each award ceremony.
  • All special awards will be given out by our judges when they feel a dancer or a dance exudes a special performance. Some examples are Pure Technique, Pure Entertainment, Pure Choreography, Pure Powerhouse.



  • If a dance in a judge’s opinion is inappropriate for our audience, either with music, costume or movements, the routine will be scored lower.
  • All judge’s decisions are final.
  • A one-half (.5) point deduction for routines that consist of acrobatic tricks when clearly stated not allowed. A trick is considered acrobatic if the movement goes upside down where both feet are off the floor. The exceptions are shoulder rolls and lifts.



  • Knives, swords, fire, and other weapons are NOT permitted. Pure Dance can approve props that are not dangerous.
  • Props must be freestanding.
  • Props must be put on and taken off quickly. Judges may consider deduction if time is excessive.
  • No liquids, fog, smoke, paint, and any similar substance in which may interfere with the dancer’s safety is not permitted. Pure Dance can approve a prop in question.
  • Safety of our dancers is our main concern.



  • All entries must supply its own music with routine number on a CD.
  • All music should be turned in to the MC at the beginning of the day for the entire day.



  • Solo/Duet/Trio:  3 minutes
  • Small Group:  3 minutes and 45 seconds
  • Large Group:  4 minutes
  • Lines:  6 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Productions:  7 minutes and 30 seconds



  • Solo: $100
  • Duet/Trio: $75
  • Small Group: $55
  • Large Group: $45
  • Lines: $45
  • Productions: $45